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BENTON-NI is a production company for food and hygienic products. We became the leader in Macedonia for the quality of our products. The company was founded in 1997, and is located in Kumanovo, Macedonia. Nazmi Ejupi, the owner of the company, is a chemist and he always wanted to produce something that will meet customers' needs. After facing many difficulties (challenges) his goal was successfully accomplished by producing the first product white vinegar. In the meantime, the company had achieved new growth and began to produce vinegar of apple, wine and essence.

After one year we have started to extend our operations in the chemical industry by producing bleach cleaner, hydrochloric acid, antifreeze liquid, screen wash liquid for cars and distilled water. In the year 2006 we have extended the production line in the hygienic industry such as: dish detergents from different flowers as lemon and apple, liquid soap for hands, water for crystal glass cleaning and others.

After analyzing the marketing environment we achieve to produce new products that customers needs, by offering products with high quality. Our company export the products in Kosovo,Albania,Montenegro, the main distributor is the company Dauti Komerc .

In Macedonia the distributor of our products is Dauti Komerc, but there are other business partners, too. All these business partners are important factors for the success and the profitability of the firm, that's why it is important the products to be delivered at the right time, in the right place and at comfortable price. We are focusing on the creativity and innovation so we will produce new products and change something in the current products.

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